Stained Glass Craft Party Pack

Number of People: 3

Number of People

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This Stained Glass Party Pack comes with vibrant five Gallery Glass colors, black leading lines, pint glasses, carafes, and accessories to craft a variety of clings that showcase a stunning stained-glass look. This unique paint can be used on many surfaces including windows, mirrors, plastic, glass, vases, frames, jars, and more! (Perfect for upcycling jars and bottles ☺ ) The kit includes lots of designs, but the great thing is that you can use almost any design of your choice. Included are five colors and you can mix the paints to create additional colors and blended effects.  Whether it's windows, mirrors, plastic, glass, vases, frames, jars, or any other creative canvas, let your imagination run wild, and enjoy the process of bringing your artistic vision to life!

Each person will be able to make their own piece of stained glassware plus more "cling-on" projects.

For custom parties (multiple different crafts) or groups of 20+, email