Resin Serving Tray Craft Party Pack

Number of People: 3

Number of People

Sale price$100.00

This Resin Serving Tray Party Pack comes with reusable molds, 16 ounces of resin per person, tablecloths, cups, sticks, handles, and accessories to make beautiful new serving trays. There are 10 mica powder colors to choose from to make your dream tray come true! Mica powder is a versatile pigment that will add shimmer, sparkle, and vibrant color to resin. Combining resin and mica powder is a match made in heaven and creates a magical and beautiful effect. The tray is about 11x9 inches. 

Each person will be able to make their own custom serving tray! There is a 24-hour cure time with this project. 

For custom parties (multiple different crafts) or groups of 20+, email