Heat Embossing Craft Party Pack

Number of People: 3

Number of People

Sale price$90.00

Our Heat Embossing Party Pack includes heat gun tools, embossing powders, embossing pens, watercolor pens, and all necessary accessories to make unique DIY greeting cards and a floating framed design. With endless options for creativity, you can customize each project to match your unique style and preferences.

The kit comes with stencils to help you create some designs, but you're also welcome to freehand, use straight edges for clean lines, or household items like a cup rim for clean circles. You can heat emboss on almost any porous and non-porous surface, including glass, ceramic, leather/faux leather, metal, wood, and more!

Every attendee will be able to make a floating frame project and multiple greeting cards. 

For custom parties (multiple different crafts) or groups of 20+, email info@adultsandcrafts.com.