Agate Resin Coasters Craft Party Pack

Number of People: 3

Number of People

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The Agate Resin Coasters Party Pack is a delightful pack that is both enjoyable and easy to complete. Create stunning coasters that you will be proud to show off! The kit comes with all the essential components needed to create beautiful coasters, including six ounces of ArtResin epoxy resin, an agate coaster mold, 12 colors of paint, an oil-based gold Sharpie, glitter, and gloves. If you are new to using epoxy resin, this kit is the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Each attendee will be able to make a set of four coasters with any color combination they want. There is a 24-hour cure time for the resin before the coasters can be pulled out of the mold.

For custom parties (multiple different crafts) or groups of 20+, email