Wood Burning Bar

Stress Free Set Up

We will come to your event and set up the Wood Burning Bar wherever you want.

Expert Instructors

We will staff the Wood Burning Bar with our expert instructors to ensure everyone knows what to do

Take Home Keepsake

Every participant will get to take home their own wood piece to remember your special day forever!

More Info on The Wood Burning Bar

Introducing our Wood Burning Bar, a captivating addition to your wedding day festivities! Immerse yourself and your guests in the mesmerizing art of wood burning, where creativity knows no bounds. Our dedicated staff will set up a station where each individual can unleash their artistic flair, crafting their own unique designs onto wood pieces provided. With guidance and assistance on hand, guests will delight in the addictive and enjoyable process of wood burning, creating personalized keepsakes to treasure forever. As they take home their handcrafted masterpieces, they'll fondly remember the joy and creativity that filled your special day, making it an unforgettable celebration for all.

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